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The Renaissance Group has been active in Central Europe since 1994. Its roots, however, are much deeper and date back to 1950, when Franklin Pitch Johnson, as one of the pioneers, was defining a new asset class called Venture Capital in his investment activities. After the transformation of Central Europe to a free market economy, with his support a group of experienced businessmen brought European Renaissance Capital to life. Together with associated companies they were among pioneers of Venture Capital investment activities in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. ... see more


Renaissance Funds are medium-term investors, supporting businesses with strong potential for development. Utilizing this potential requires capital investment, which entrepreneurs cannot afford at the early stage of their project development. Combining good business ideas with capital funds from Renaissance creates an opportunity for the dynamic value creation of the enterprise. ... see more


Many years of experience and working together have built a competent and professional team. It allows for the effective realization of investments in projects at their various development stages, from start-ups through development, MBO, LBO, to mergers and acquisitions. ... see more

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