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In business, time is money. The effective process of making an investment decision depends on the quality of information and materials received by Renaissance Partners as well as on the efficient cooperation of both parties. A business plan is a basic document and an effective method of presenting the investment proposal. 

Please find the sample  structure of a business plan.

The core of the business plan should not be longer than 12-14 pages, preferably written by you rather than your advisor. The plan should be focused on the market, sales, and personnel, and to a lesser extent on describing the production process, machinery, technology, etc.

The ideal business plan is the one written with your best knowledge. It should be to the point and realistic in terms of its implementation.

For those entrepreneurs who do not have a prepared business plan, completing the enquiry form is recommended, so that an initial review of the project can be made. Then Renaissance Partners will help you prepare your business plan.