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Renaissance Funds retain considerable flexibility and interest in a wide spectrum of potential investment projects. Investment proposals with the following characteristics are preferred:

Potential for project development:

  • having a clear competitive advantage and capacity for international expansion,
  • characterized by true innovative solutions in manufacturing, service provision, or marketing,
  • led by management with a concrete plan for utilizing the invested funds.

Legal form: any form except of cooperative, preferably corporations.

Ownership structure:

  • private company,
  • preferably 1-2 shareholders,
  • acceptable 4-5 shareholders with a 1-2 holding majority.

Investment size: up to 2.2 million USD.

Industry: all industries, particularly new technology, IT, medical projects, clean energy, and the environment. A key criterion is the project’s investment attractiveness. For ethical and social reasons, Renaissance Funds do not invest in the production of strong alcohols, the tobacco industry, and gambling.