Slide Background


Investment projects that Renaissance Partners perceive as attractive are subject to a financial and legal review. A successful review leads to the presentation of the initial terms and conditions of the Funds’ eventual investment in the proposed enterprise. An agreement on terms is followed by a phase of detailed legal and financial due diligence and eventually the final investment decision.


Generally, an investment is made through the capital increase of the investee company. Nevertheless, the investment structure is always tailored to the project. The goal is to optimize the ownership and managerial relationship as well as the return on investment for all interested parties.

In the investment process, the legal structure of an enterprise is converted into a corporation or limited liability company. Formally, cooperation is based on the company’s status and investment agreement, which gives the parties more flexibility in defining their relationship.

Building shareholder’s value

The closing of the investment opens the chapter of close daily cooperation. The effort is focused on building an organizational structure, the team, and the market position of the company. The goal is the fast growth of revenues and profits and, as a consequence, the maximum value of the company.

In this process, Renaissance Partners plays an active advisory role and support the management of the company. Nevertheless, the management as the statutory body retains full control and responsibility for the company.