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Renaissance Funds are medium-term investors, supporting businesses with strong potential for development. Utilizing this potential requires capital investment, which entrepreneurs cannot afford at the early stage of their project development. Combining good business ideas with capital funds from Renaissance creates an opportunity for the dynamic value creation of the enterprise.

Lack of funds for development is called a capital gap, which Renaissance Funds help fill. Due to inadequate offers from other financial institutions and the lack of debt capacity, which are typical problems at the early stage of development, Venture Capital/Private Equity funds are often the only alternative.

The contribution of Renaissance is not limited to funds only. The entrepreneur receives support in terms of knowledge and experience in building enterprise value. Wide business contacts, analytical capacity, and the strategic approach of Renaissance Partners considerably supplement the entrepreneur’s strengths. Renaissance Partners actively support and provide advice to an entrepreneur and the company’s management not only in strategic decision-making, but also in the daily running of operations.

The prime rule of Renaissance is its partnership approach to cooperation on the institutional as well as personal level. Honesty, openness in contacts, and common interests are necessary elements of the relationship.

Renaissance recognizes entrepreneurial achievements and efforts contributed to building an enterprise. Therefore, on equal terms, Renaissance puts its invested capital at risk and participates in the achieved results.

Apart from Poland, the geographical focus of Renaissance Funds includes the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and on an exceptional basis the Baltic States.